In these uncertain times as we run out to stores we want as little contact with our surroundings as possible. The “Anti-Fanny Pack” makes contact with surfaces as minimal as can be. Leave the purse at home and pick up your essentials with the Hands Free convenience that Zip and Go Belts provides.

  • Is your gym closed? Go for a run with Zip and Go Belts while securely carrying your phone, wallet, and keys.
  • Zip and Go Belts is the best way to carry your hand wipes and sanitizer no matter where you are....home or on an essential errand
  • Take only your essentials on your grocery or pharmacy run.
  • The “Anti Fanny Pack” was created by a Registered Nurse who wants to help ease the stress of this pandemic in any way she can. She also wanted us to continue to stay active with an exercise routine at home while you listen to your favorite music on your phone tucked into your Anti-Fanny Pack.


The "Anti-Fanny Pack" is great for travel, running, exercise, sporting events, concerts, theme parks and anywhere you would want to be hands free. Made of the highest quality brushed stretch fabric that prevents it from riding up. Zip and Go Belts are the only active wear on the market with a water resistant lining pocket and a side patent zipper.